Expectations: Students are expected to complete a project in CSE 574. These projects may be individual or done in small groups (2 to 4 students).

Logistics: Proposals are due Friday 1/20/06 and should include the team members (with contact information), description of the question to be answered, your method (e.g. what you'll build and what experiments you'll run), and a timetable with milestones every 2 weeks (approximately). Project presentations will take place in class during the final week. Short written reports (double-sided hardcopy; plus emailed softcopy) are due at 11:59pm PST on Friday 3/17.

Topics: Any topic is acceptable so long as it is related to the course topics. Specifically, while programming-oriented projects are recommended, literature reviews or other 'report oriented' projects are acceptable as well. Furthermore, if you are already working on a relevant project (e.g. quals or thesis) check with Dan, since work on it can likely count for the project component. You can find some suggestions (a non-exclusive list): here