In Winter quarter 2006, CSE 574 is focussed on Intelligent User Interfaces; the instructor is Dan Weld.

Setting: Class will meet Wed & Fri 3:00-4:20pm in EE1-025

Objectives: We will attempt to synthesize a coherent picture of this rapidly growing field, identifying important problems for research. We'll consider how each paper impacts the field as observed from three different views:

Details: Everyone attending is expected to read the papers assigned for each class, to prepare and submit a brief writeup. Those taking the class for credit should also plan on a project.

If you wish to take the class for credit but have already taken 574 once before, this is not a problem - just talk to Dan.

Email list: Subscribe here. Post by mailing to cse574 at the obvious host name. Archive is here.

News: Project proposals due 1/20 (unless you've gotten an extension). Details on the project page.