CSE 544: Lecture Schedule

Week of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jan 3rd No lecture Introduction
Jan 10th HW 1 posted Relational Calculus Views and Constraints
Milestone 1: Form teams
Jan 17th SQLShare: Smart Services for
Ad Hoc Databases (pptx, pdf)
Data models Concurrency Control
Jan 24th HW 1 due Concurrency Control Recovery
Jan 31st Architecture of DBMS
Milestone 2: Project proposal due
Query Execution and Optimization
Feb 7th Query Execution and Optimization
(continued) No paper reviews
Query Optimization
Feb 14th HW2 due Database Statistics Parallel Databases
Feb 21st Theory of Query Languages Datalog
Feb 28th Data Provenance
Milestone 3: Project report due
Data Privacy
Mar 7th Probabilistic Databases Project presentations No lecture Milestone 5: Final report due
Mae 14th