This course will investigate the use of acting and animation to explore the principles of facial expression. During the course the students will develop the preproduction for four animated sequences where facial expression play a major role in proper communication of that sequence. The students will then develop planning sheets and apply acting principles and their research of facial expression to several characters. These characters will have specialized blend shapes that have been developed both by the students and by professionals working in digital character animation. The students will complete the course with a sequence of shots that "read " properly based on how they have roughes in and refined the motion on the characters in the shots.

Time: F 2:30 - 5:30 PM
Place: Sieg 322
Lab: Sieg 325

Lab Re-Imaging: Wed 2 - 6AM
Lab machines in Sieg 325 are unavailable during the re-imaging process.

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  • 01/17 - Assignment 1 posted. Click on the assignment links to view a writeup.
    Week 1 - 3: Acting and Improv for the development of a sequence of animated shots that tell a story or a portion of a story that we develop in class.

    Week 4 - 8: Principles of Facial Animation. Preproduction for character animated sequence.

    Week 7 - 10: Simple Rigging and Rig testing, Blendshape Design and character animation using the principles of facial expression.

    Week 11: Final presentation of animation.
    Written Assignments - 25%
    Participation - 25%
    Preproduction and planning sheet - 20%
    Production (Rigging, motion, etc) - 30%