Assignment 4

Assignment 4

CSE 490 J - Acting and Animation

Animated Facial Expressions
Due Date: Thursday, March 13 10:00 pm

For those of you working on the drawings for the final assignment in 490j, please use the danqueen image as reference for your queen design. You can change the colors on your drawn queen if you like to try other options. You can also draw the queen in your own style, but make sure that you try your best to get it very close to the image you have here. The basic features as well as the general form and proportion of the queen need to stay the same. Keep the head in the same position on the frame and the torso in the same scale in the frame. You will need to move the facial features and possibly the head and shoulders if you feel that it is important to do so in order to support the expression you are going for.

Here are the requirements for your Final:

1. You'll be drawing a minimum of 10 images that follow the face ( and upper torso?) from one expression to the next and best support the needs of the story in the shot or sequence in our film that you've selected. See #3 below.

2. Digitize your drawings and send them to me on email asap. The latest you can turn them in would be Thursday March 13 at 10 pm. They need to be reviewed before class on Friday.

3. Please be sure to select one of the following three options for shot/sequences to use in your final assignment. We went over this in class last Friday so you already know who you are and which option you've selected.

a. The Jack Tear ( jdeath 600)
b. The Queen burning ( war 2100-2400)
c. Solitaire maniacal laughter ( nochange 100)

4. You may choose to use Ollie as your model for your facial expression final project instead of drawing your final by hand. Be sure to turn your work in by 10 pm Thursday March 13th in the turn in folder.

5. Each of you will also be making final adjustments to your 6 expressions and facial expression animation based on the feedback you got in class this past Friday.

Good luck with it all. Since the intention is to take your drawing and apply them to our animated playing card, please consider carefully how your drawings might read in a sequence. Try not to have all of the features on the face move at the same rate and also even within the animated gesture, try to start slow ( Slow in) , build up momentum, and slow to a stop ( slow out). Remember that gravity and inertia keep objects from moving at full speed from the start and stopping the same way.