Assignment 3

Assignment 3

CSE 490 J - Acting and Animation

Animated Facial Expressions
Due Date: Friday, March 7 2:30 pm

You will be working on the following full face expressions this week:

Surprise Fear

For each emotion except disgust and surprise, render an image of Ollie (using the reference images on the course website) with two intensities to show both slight and strong emotion. For surprise and disgust, we only need one intensity. As last week, your goal is to present an unmistakable interpretation to your render so that we'd all read the emotion the same way.

In addition, please animate from one of the emotions listed above to another one with an idea of the capstone film currently in production in mind. It would be ideal if you all were able to render your work for review as a turntable by using the light cove we use in 459 and 460 but it is not a requirement.

If you choose to use the light cove for the location to render Ollie, remember to pull the camera up close enough to see Ollie's face. The light cove could work for both static and animated versions of the current assignment. The camera speed will need to be slow enough to read the whole expression. If you choose to use the cove, create three full revolutions of the Ollie face using the turntable so that we can see the head from all angles several times.

If this is not something you are all comfortable with. please render the Ollie animation with a static camera using a front view ( similar to the ones you showed on Friday in class ) as well as a side and/or 3/4 view depending on the specific emotion you are presenting in class. You are not required to use the light cove so use whatever gets you the best result while using most of your assignment time to getting the facial expression and animated facial expression.