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 CSE 490h: Problem-solving on large-scale clusters: theory and applications
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Project 0

The zeroth project is to get yourself familiar with HaDoop. Budget spending an hour or two during the staffed office hours (maybe a bit longer on your own). The following pages may be useful.
  • HaDoop Codelab (step-by-step example, plus an introduction to important concepts)
  • HaDoop Wiki (lots of practical knowledge and HaDoop tips. Includes bonus info on managing your own cluster)

Project 1

The first project will involve taking a simple problem you already know how to solve, and coming up with a new solution using mapreduce. The full project specification can be found here.

Project 2

The last project isn't so much a lab, but time to work on your own project. The project is purposely under-specified to encourage creativity. However, we have a sample project to give you an idea for how "big" your project should be. The full project specification can be found here.