Assignments and labs will be posted on this page throughout the quarter. All dates are tentative until the assignment/lab is officially posted.

In-Class Activities

In-class activities are worksheets done in class. Be sure to write your name, email address, UWNetID, and the date on each activity when you turn it in.

You are given five (5) free in-class activity days, which you can use while you’re traveling, etc. Missed in-class activities will not be accepted late.

Note that we did not grade in-class worksheets during the first week of the quarter, while course enrollment stabilized. That is, worksheets for Lecture 1-3 are not counted.

If you would like to pick up your worksheet, please select the "will pick up" option on the worksheet. I will keep complete in-class worksheets until after the quarter ends -- feel free to stop by my office during office hours, or schedule a different time to pick them up.

List of in-class worksheets:


Unless otherwise specified, all submissions must be typed and submitted as PDF files; handwritten assignments and non-PDF files will not be accepted. Unless otherwise specified, submit homeworks through Canvas.

At the top of your assignment, be sure to write your name, email address, UWNetID, the homework assignment number (e.g. "Homework 1"), due date, any references that you used (besides the course texts and assigned readings), and the names of any people that you discussed the assignment with.

Include your name and UWNetID on each page.

List of homeworks and deadlines:


Unless otherwise specified, submit labs online via Canvas.

List of labs and deadlines:

Final Project

Final project instructions here.

CSE M 584 Research Component

If you are enrolled in CSE M 584, then you must also read the following papers and submit written reviews by the specified deadline. The usual late submission policy applies. Your evaluations should have the following form:

You can find one version of advice on how to read a CS research paper here. You are also welcome to come discuss the reading process or the papers themselves with the course staff.

You must submit evaluations as a PDF file. You should upload the evaluations to Canvas. Your evaluation for each reading should be at most one page long, be single-spaced, use 12pt font, and have at least 1 inch margins. (It's okay for the metadata (name, date, paper title) to be outside the margins, e.g., in the header of the page.)

You are welcome to, and in fact encouraged to, discuss the papers with other students in the class or the course instructors. However, you must write the evaluations on your own.

List of papers and deadlines:

You may also look at other top computer security conferences, like USENIX Security 2018 ( or CCS 2018 ( or Oakland 2018 (, for more recent papers. You can substitute any paper from these conferences for one of the papers above, if one of these papers interest you. You may also check with the instructor for additional options/suggestions for substitute papers.

Extra Credit: You may also read up to five additional papers for extra credit, but at most one additional extra credit paper a week (so not all five extra papers in the last week of class).

CSE 484 students may also read up to five papers, from the above list, from the above-mentioned conferences, or other papers approved by the instructor, for extra credit, but at most one extra credit paper a week (so not all extra credit papers in the last week of class).

Final extra credit readings are due on June 6, 11:59pm -- no late days or late submissions allowed.