This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Mar 27 Introduction and Course Overview
Mar 29 Anatomy of an Autonomous Vehicle Knowledge Survey Prob. Rob., Ch. 1, Ch. 2
Mar 31 Recursive Bayes Filtering Prob. Rob., Ch. 5.2, Ch. 6 (through 6.3)
Apr 3 Motion and Observation Models Prob. Rob., Ch. 4
Apr 5 Particle Filtering Prob. Rob., Ch. 4
Apr 7 Discussion: Uber Accident Report (National Transportation Safety Board) Reading
Apr 10 The Kalman Filter Project 1: Introduction A New Approach to Linear Filtering, Prob. Rob., Ch. 3
Apr 12 The Unscented Kalman Filter The Unscented Kalman Filter
Apr 14 Discussion: Do Artifacts Have Politics? (Langdon Winner) Reading
Apr 17 Introduction to Feedback Control Underactuated Robotics Ch. 1
Apr 19 PID Control
Apr 21 Guest lecture Brandon Basso
Apr 24 Pure Pursuit Pure Pursuit, DARPA Challenge Controllers
Apr 26 Model Predictive Control Project 2: Localization
Apr 28 Discussion: Robot Rights? Let’s Talk about Human Welfare Instead (Abeba Birhane) Reading
May 1 Introduction to Planning Planning Algorithms Ch 1, Ch 4.1-4.3, Ch 6.5, Ch 14.1
May 3 Heuristic Search A*
May 5 Discussion: Anatomy of an AI System (Kate Crawford, Vladan Joler) Reading
May 8 Sampling-based Motion Planning Project 3: Control
May 10 Lazy Search, Planning for Vehicles
May 12 Guest lecture Shad Laws
May 15 Guest Lecture Taylor
May 17 Guest Lecture Kay
May 19 Guest lecture Michael Koval
May 22 Guest lecture Sanjiban Choudhury Project 4: Planning
May 24 Guest lecture Tianshi Gao
May 26 Conclusion
May 29 - no lecture -
May 31 - no lecture -
Jun 7 Final Project Demos (2:30 pm - 4:20 pm) Final Project