The MuSHR programming projects provide hands-on experience implementing the sense-plan-act paradigm of robotics. We will use Python to interface with ROS, a popular robot programming framework that helps organize and integrate the components developed within each project.

Version 3 of the MuSHR car.
Project 1: Introduction

Get acquainted with the ROS ecosystem and the MuSHR virtual machine.

A MuSHR car with uncertain state uses range sensors to localize within a known hallway environment.
Project 2: Localization

Localize your car by implementing the particle filtering algorithm.

A MuSHR car that has deviated from a pre-planned path tries to correct its course.
Project 3: Control

Implement feedback controllers to follow pre-planned paths.

A MuSHR car considers a tree of possible actions to navigate through a hallway environment.
Project 4: Planning

Implement Lazy A* and postprocessing to plan new paths.

A MuSHR car drives through a hallway with a path planned in front of it.
Final Project

Putting it all together on the MuSHR cars