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Lab Resources

This class requires the use of Unity. You can install it on your personal laptop (recommended), please follow the instructions in Project 1 Maze Game.

Alternatively, you can use the lab computers (PCs) in CSE002 or CSE003, where we have pre-installed Unity. If you are using these lab computers, remember to save all your content in your own student directory, otherwise files will be deleted when you log out.

Furthermore, you will be deploying your Unity code to your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you are required to use a Mac to deploy your code to your iPhone. If you don’t have a Mac, but do have an iPhone, there are two Macintoshes deployed in CSE003 which you can use. If you need to use these Macs, please first create a private post on Ed so that a TA can setup a new account for you on these lab computers (regular student account won’t work).