CSE 457 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Spring Quarter 2005


Title Extras
Displays and Frame Buffers LCD, Vector Displays, Raster Displays, OLED Displays
Image Processing Discrete 1D convolution, Snoop, Image warp Continuous 1D Convolution
Affine Transformations Change of basis, Affine Transformation Game
Hierarchical modeling Hierarchy of transformations Robot Arm Example
Projections Perspective Camera TransformationsHitchcock
Hidden Surfaces Z-buffer
Shading OpenGL shading applet, Szymon's BRDF viewer
Ray Tracing Photon mapping, Ray tracer applet, Triangle Intersections Ray Tracing Applet Reflection/Refraction Applet
Anti-aliasing & Acceleration Nyquist limit
Texture Mapping Texture Mapping Primitives, Solid marble texture Mip-Map Animation, Mip-Map Calculator, Procedural Textures
Distribution Ray Tracing
Parametric Curves Tcl/Tk curve demos (zip file) , Bezier Curves, B-Splines, Curve Interpolation
C2-interpolating curves
Particle Systems Particle System Dynamics, Diff. Equation Basics, Cloth, Soda constructor, Cloth Demo
Parametric Surfaces Bézier patch interactive demonstration
Subdivision curves & surfaces Triangular subdivision surfaces, Subdivision Tutorials and Online Demos
Motion Capure  
Animation Principles Pixar shorts, Perlin walkers
Animation Topics  
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Spring Quarter 2005
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