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CSE451: Operating Systems


Winter 2008



March 18th : The final exam solution has been posted. That's all she wrote!

March 10th : Last year's final exam has been posted.... And the solution . Also, there is a set of sample questions from Autumn 2006.

February 22nd : Project 4 and homework #5 have been posted.

February 15th : The midterm solution has been posted.

February 13th : Project 3 and homework #4 have been posted.

February 4th : Last year's midterm has been posted... And the solution (ignore question #6).

January 16th : Project 2 and homework 3 are online.

January 16th : Project 1 and homework 2 are online.

 January 6th: Welcome to CSE451.  Project zero and homework #1 have been posted.  Also, there is a set of textbook readings for this week.

Course Overview

The name of this course is operating systems.  Obviously, we will learn things about the OS, such as how file systems work.  We will also learn how about "systems" programming for applications that have strenous demands in terms of performance, reliability, security, etc.

Where and When

What When Where
Lecture MWF, 10:30-11:20 EEB 045
Section AA Th, 9:30-10:20 LOW 222
Section AB Th, 12:30-1:20 LOW 206


Who Email Office hours
Andrew Whitaker, Instructor andrew "at" T 10:00-11:00, F 11:30-12:30, CSE 214
Kevin Oishi, TA koishi "at"

F 1:00-2:00, CSE 218

Marissa Rodenburg, TA rodenm "at" M 1:00-2:00, W 12:00-1:00, CSE 220
(During projects, I may move office hours to CSE 002.)

Textbooks and Materials

Required Operating System Concepts (7th Edition), Silberschatz and Galvin, ISBN 0-471-69466-5
Optional Java Concurrency in Practice , Brian Goetz et al.
A very good description of threads and concurrency in Java. The material on threads will follow the outline in this book.
Optional Running Linux (4th Edition), Welsh et al
Lots of good information on the nuts and bolts of running a Linux system.
Online Reference The Linux Kernel, by David Rusling.
(A locally stored copy is kept here. No attempt will be made to keep the local copy synch'ed with the official copy.)