CSE 440 Project Presentations
Autumn 2013 | Morgan Dixon & Katie Kuksenok

On Monday, December 9, 2013, we invite you to see 8 teams of elite students proudly presenting their work from CSE 440: Human-Computer Interaction. Each team was charged with designing a mobile application to help people harness the power of personal informatics. They spent 10 weeks pursuing a spectrum of ideas, shadowing real people to see what will actually work, and iteratively designing solutions to these complex problems.

Presentations will begin at 10:30am in the Microsoft Atrium of the Paul Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering.

Class Trakker

Keeping You on Course.

Rahul Mehan
Yuan Peixin
Yamini Venkataraman
Sarah Wai

Health Points

Motivating Active Lifestyles by Promoting Friendly Competition.

Ryan Hussin
Nicholas Johnson
Erick Lo
Crystal Wong


A Healthy Headstart.

Kevin Fan
Ya Gao
Jun Qian
Chris Williamson


Relevant & Useful Utility Tracking.

Chris Chalmers
Daphna Khen
Leah Kim
Garret Lee


Smarter, Healthier Grocery Runs.

Brandon Gomez
Wilson Lee
Valerie Liang
Janelle Van Hofwegen


Plantr Keeps Plants Healthy. Plants Make People Happy.

Paul Bartell
Jory Rice
Whitney Schmidt
Jen Zhang


Drink and Thrive.

Max Czapanskiy
Anna Marie Golden
Aasav Prakash
Mihir Shah


Making Group Work Valuable and Effective.

Colin Barrett
Kevin Cheng
Bobby Simon
Xiabo Wang