CSE 403: Software Engineering • Spring 2012

Software engineering goes beyond programming. It includes processes from defining a product to shipping and maintaining that product. As well as requiring strong technical skills, a good software engineer requires strong teamwork and communication skills. Get ready to learn software engineering principles under fire, ship product, and survive to do it again!

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Lecture and Section

Lecture • MWF 10:30-11:20AM (EE003)

Thursday section • 9:30-10:20AM (JHN 075)

Tuesday group meeting • 9:30-10:20 AM (arrange your own location)

Exception: The first week will have section on Tuesday 3/27 (9:30-10:30AM, JHN 075), covering available development tools for the course • Thursday 3/29 is intended for groups to meet about Friday's project presentations.

No final exam • Midterm I Wed 4/25/2012 • Midterm II Wed 5/23/2012

Course Staff

Instructor • David Notkin (notkin@cs, CSE 542) • Office hours @ 11:30AM-12:30PM Mondays, 11AM-12:00N Thursdays, by appointment, and whenever my door is open (if I can't meet then, we'll arrange a time)

Teaching assistants • KıvanÁ Muşlu (kivanc@cs, CSE 394) and Anton Osobov (aosobov@cs) • Office hours for TA's by appointment, etc. • Each project group will be assigned one of the TAs as the primary staff contact


Catalyst GoPost in the General discussion area • Best for anything of general interest to the class

Staff email (cse403-ta@cs) • Unless the question is specific to one of us, it's wise to send it to this address so we're all informed and able to answer more quickly

Calendar includes due dates, office hours, links to lecture slides and section material, etc. • To subscribe, see link at the top of the calendar

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Grades announced on Catalyst GradeBook • Don't get confused between points on GradeBook and percentages of the total grade below—we'll scale • No late assignments

Per-student (35% of total grade)

Per-project (65% of total grade)

Academic (Mis)conduct

Group work is intended to be done in groups!!!!!

For individual work, you are responsible for reading and understanding CSE's academic misconduct policy, Engineering's policy and/or Arts and Science's policy, and UW's student conduct code.

Disability Accommodations here

We gratefully acknowledge that parts of the course material have been copied or adapted from previous editions of CSE 403, taught by Gail Alverson, Yuriy Brun, Michael Ernst, David Notkin, Valentin Razmov, Marty Stepp, and others.