CSE 403: Software Engineering • Project Proposals

Project proposals will proceed as follows: (1) brief project proposals will be done by groups of three or more (form your own groups, using the general discussion board on GoPost, if needed); (2) project descriptions and slides will be submitted by 9:30AM on Friday 3/30; (3) presentations will be made that same day during lecture; (4) preferences for projects and teams will be submitted on Catalyst by 11:00PM that day; and (5) projects and groups will be announced that weekend.

Your project proposals can come from two sources: (1) a set of ideas generated through a series of meetings with the Jackson School KNOW team and me over the past months; or (2) any project you think is interesting and valuable. Any project from either source has to meet the following constraints:

Benefits of the KNOW ideas as a basis for defining proposals include having a real (on-campus, willing to meet) customer, having direct potential for getting your software used, and learning about a domain of importance. These are not yet project proposals; they will need to be fleshed out to become proposals. But I would love to see some proposals come out of this effort. Hint, hint!

Sara Curran will make a brief presentation in lecture on Wednesday 3/28; Jessica Beyer will be available during the entire quarter, including the first week, in the Atrium on Wednesday from 2:00-3:00PM and Thursday 11:30AM-12:30PM to help any groups who are interested in proposing a KNOW-oriented project. (We'll introduce Jessica at lecture on Wednesday, and she promises to "wear a bright color so I'm easy to spot in the wild.")


Your proposal will consist of (1) a one or two page document, and (2) a one to three slide presentation (including the title slide, if any). They must both be submitted by 9:30AM on Friday 3/30 (see below for details).

Both deliverables address similar issues, albeit in different ways: project vision, high-level software architecture, and risks. You may consider including, among other points, the following:

These are preliminary and not binding. They will be revised as part of the first milestone, the project's software requirements specification (SRS).

Submit the proposal and the presentation in PDF as described in the Catalyst Dropbox by 9:30AM on Friday 3/30; the dropbox includes specific instructions about naming files, who on the team should submit what, etc. Each proposal will be presented to the class on Friday 3/30. The student or students who will make the presentation should practice ahead of time. You will have a time limit of three minutes, strictly enforced. We'll have all the presentations on a single laptop, to ease transitions between presentations.

Ranking proposals and forming teams

Some projects will not go beyond the presentation stage, while others will be staffed and implemented. After viewing all the presentations and proposals, you will have a chance to talk with other members of the class, and to rank the proposals that you wish to work on. We will have each of you submit:

These are separate preferences; of course, it's more likely to get some or all of your preferred team members if you prefer the same projects! In any case, we will within about 24 hours of getting the preferences, assign teams and projects using these criteria:

Here is a table that contains the projects proposed during today's (2012.03.30) lecture, links to slides and proposals.

GetStuffDone Proposal Slides
KNOW: Crawler / Annotator Proposal Slides
Weather Proposal Slides
KNOW: Visualization Toolkit Proposal Slides
Multiuser Drawing Proposal Slides
Schedule Finder Proposal Slides
UW Survival Guide Proposal Slides
KNOW: Search Visualization Proposal Slides
FB PhotoSort Proposal Slides
Lite Pic Proposal Slides
Find a Volunteer Proposal Slides
Android Lunch Proposal Slides