Winter 2004, CSE 403 - Software Engineering

Grading Rubric

This course is about the practice of being a software engineer. Our goal is to help you learn the skills and practices that can make you a more effective software engineer. As with all practices you learn this by doing and by reflecting upon what you have done. Thus, this course is experiential. You will be doing a lot of doing. It also is very reflective. We emphasize and teach techniques for reflecting upon the state of you, your team, and your project so that you can better understand what has happened and use that understanding to create a better future for you, your team, and your project.  These skills are especially important for rapidly changing situations.

Proficient in any domain requires a decade of consistent practice, so a quarter is only enough time to start building some practices and to become aware of the importance of other practices.

Your final grade will be determined by the average of the following nine subjective measures:

Individual Reflective essays  
Final exam  
Class participation & intangibles
Team How well your sub-team performs 
The quality of your team's feedback to the other team
Project Project progress at each delivery 
Final project status 
Customer presentation 

We reserve the right to modify this list and to change the weighting.