Winter 2004, CSE 403 - Software Engineering

Peer Reviews

You will do peer reviews after every project delivery. 

Giving peer reviews forces you to assess how well your team is functioning, and may raise issues that need to be addressed by you or your team.  Receiving peer review results helps you see how your peers assess you, which may illuminate areas you need to improve upon, and/or areas where you are doing better than you thought. 

For each peer review, you will rate everyone in your sub-team, as well as anyone else you choose to rate.  Your feedback will be anonymous to the other students, but not to instructors.   You will be graded based upon the quality of the feedback you give, and the ratings others give for you.  Instructors may provide feedback on your feedback.  Instructors reserve the right to ignore aberrant ratings.

The peer-review portion of your final grade will be determined based upon: