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The basic software packages for this class are installed in the CSE labs. If needed, additional links will be provided here as the quarter progresses.

Address to Long/Lat Converter - AddressToCoords

Database backend

Class projects may need access to a database for their operation. The server IISQLSRV runs MS SQL as well as IIS.

Source configuration control

You will want to use a configuration management system of some sort during the projects. One relatively simple to use system is CVS. You can download the simple command line interface tool here. [ftp.cvshome.org/]. There are several GUI clients for CVS, eg WinCVS.  There is a UW ACM primer on CVS [link] and the main CVS manual is at [www.cvshome.org/docs/manual/].

Remote Access

For Windows, an SSH client installer is available here SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.2.exe and a key authentication manager is available here SSHAccessionLite.exe. These are from UW C&C, but you should note that C&C does not support Accession Lite and this version of Secure Shell does not have pre-built configuration customizations for use at the UW.

Bug Tracking


Mailing Lists

Mailman Lists via C&C

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