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CSE 378 - Spring 1999

Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming

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Topic 1 What is Architecture? 
Topic 2 Architecture Overview
Topic 3 Number Representations
Discussion Session 1 Number Representations
Topic 4 MIPS Instruction Set Architecture
Topic 5 Computation Instructions
Topic 6 Data Transfer Instructions
Topic 7 Control Instructions
Topic 8 More MIPS Instructions
Discussion Session 2 SPIM Basics
Topic 9 Procedure Calls
Topic 10 RISC vs. CISC Architectures
Discussion Session 3 Some more SPIM and JVM
Topic 11 Measuring System Performance
Topic 12 (figures) Single Cycle Implementation: Data Path
Topic 13 (figures) Single Cycle Implementation: Control
Discussion Session 4 Performance
Topic 14 (figures) Multicycle Implementation
Topic 15 Microprogramming
Topic 16 Midterm Review
Topic 17 Pipelining
Discussion Session 5 Topics covered till now
Topic 18 Hazards
Discussion Session 6 Java Virtual Machine
Topic 19 Control Hazards
Topic 20 (figures) Advance Implementations
Discussion Session 7 Hazards
Topic 21 Introduction to Memory Hierarchy
Topic 22 Caches
Discussion Session 8 Writing Microcode
Topic 23 Cache Design and Performance
Discussion Session 9 Caches
Topic 24 Virtual Memory
Topic 25 Virtual Memory (2)
Topic 26 Memory System Wrap Up
Topic 27 Review for the Final