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 Homework 0 "Due" 4/13
 Homework 1 (sol'n)
 Homework 2
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   Smash solution)
 Homework 3 (sol'n)
 Homework 4 (doc, soln) Due 6/2
 Lab 1 SW Due 4/16
 Lab 1 HW Due 4/16
 Lab 2 SW Due 4/30
 Lab 2 HW Due 4/30
 Lab 3 Due 5/14
 Lab 4 SW Due 6/2
 Lab 4 HW Due 6/2
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This page is a collection of old exams and study questions that may be useful in preparing for this quarter's exams. Some of the old exams contain questions on topics that we didn't cover this quarter and you should skip over them. We've posted questions and sample solutions separately when we have them; if we don't have both of those we've posted what we've got.


The midterm covers everything from lectures, labs, and homework up through pipelining and CPU implementation. The memory hierarchy, caches, and later topics will appear on the final. The test is closed book. A copy of the MIPS "green card" will be included with the test.


The final will be comprehensive, but biased more towards things covered since the midterm, particularly the memory heirarchy, I/O, performance, and basic concepts of parallelism.

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