Machine Organization & Assembly Language

CSE 378, Spring Quarter 2000

Date Lecture Topic Download
3/29/2000 Introduction and syllabus pdf, html
3/29/2000 History and trends in architecture pdf, html
3/31/2000 Binary representation and instruction formats pdf, html
4/03/2000 More MIPS instructions pdf, html
4/05/2000 Load/Store and addressing instructions pdf, html
4/07/2000 Jumping to procedures pdf, html
4/10/2000 Programming Examples pdf, html
4/12/2000 Assembly Language Wrap-up pdf, html
4/14/2000 Arithmetic pdf, html
4/17/2000 Constructing an ALU pdf, html
4/19/2000 Making the ALU more sophisticated pdf, html
4/21/2000 Multiplication and Division pdf, html
4/24/2000 Floating Point Arithmetic pdf, html
4/26/2000 Pentium Division Bug -- bonus lecture ---, ----
4/28/2000 ISA and ALU Wrap-up pdf, html
5/03/2000 Components of the Data Path pdf, html
5/05/2000 Controlling the Data Path Components pdf, html
5/08/2000 Multiclock Design pdf, html
5/10/2000 Transformations to a Pipeline pdf, html
5/12/2000 Pipeline Operation pdf, ----
5/15/2000 Hazard Detection for Data pdf, html
5/17/2000 Branch Hazards pdf, html
5/19/2000 Exceptions and Interrupts pdf, html
5/22/2000 Caching Introduction pdf, html
5/24/2000 Cache Behavior pdf, html
5/26/2000 Virtual Memory pdf, html
5/31/2000 Translation Lookaside Buffer pdf, html
6/2/2000 Memory Hierarchy pdf, html

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