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java.text Provides classes and interfaces for handling text, dates, numbers, and messages in a manner independent of natural languages.  

Uses of FieldPosition in java.text

Methods in java.text with parameters of type FieldPosition
abstract  StringBuffer Format.format(Object obj, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition pos)
          Formats an object to produce a string.
 StringBuffer NumberFormat.format(Object number, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition pos)
abstract  StringBuffer NumberFormat.format(double number, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition pos)
          Specialization of format.
abstract  StringBuffer NumberFormat.format(long number, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition pos)
          Specialization of format.
 StringBuffer DecimalFormat.format(double number, StringBuffer result, FieldPosition fieldPosition)
 StringBuffer DecimalFormat.format(long number, StringBuffer result, FieldPosition fieldPosition)
 StringBuffer DateFormat.format(Object obj, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition fieldPosition)
          Overrides Format.
abstract  StringBuffer DateFormat.format(Date date, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition fieldPosition)
          Formats a Date into a date/time string.
 StringBuffer SimpleDateFormat.format(Date date, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition pos)
          Overrides DateFormat Formats a date or time, which is the standard millis since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT. Example: using the US locale: "yyyy.
 StringBuffer ChoiceFormat.format(long number, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition status)
          Specialization of format.
 StringBuffer ChoiceFormat.format(double number, StringBuffer toAppendTo, FieldPosition status)
 StringBuffer MessageFormat.format(Object[] source, StringBuffer result, FieldPosition ignore)
          Returns pattern with formatted objects.
 StringBuffer MessageFormat.format(Object source, StringBuffer result, FieldPosition ignore)

Java Platform 1.2
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