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Interface java.rmi.server.ServerRef

public abstract interface ServerRef
extends RemoteRef
A ServerRef represents the server-side handle for a remote object implementation.

Field Summary
static long serialVersionUID
Fields inherited from class java.rmi.server.RemoteRef
packagePrefix , serialVersionUID
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Method Summary
 RemoteStub exportObject(Remote obj, Object data)
          Find or create a client stub object for the supplied Remote.
 String getClientHost()
          Return the hostname of the current client.
Methods inherited from interface java.rmi.server.RemoteRef
done , getRefClass , invoke , invoke , newCall , remoteEquals , remoteHashCode , remoteToString
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readExternal , writeExternal

Field Detail


public static final long serialVersionUID
Method Detail


public RemoteStub exportObject(Remote obj,
                               Object data)
                        throws RemoteException
Find or create a client stub object for the supplied Remote.
obj - the remote object implementation information necessary to export the object


public String getClientHost()
                     throws ServerNotActiveException
Return the hostname of the current client. When called from a thread actively handling a remote method invocation the hostname of the client is returned.
ServerNotActiveException - If called outside of servicing a remote method invocation.

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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