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Class java.rmi.server.RemoteStub


public abstract class RemoteStub
extends RemoteObject
The RemoteStub class is the common superclass to all client stubs and provides the framework to support a wide range of remote reference semantics. Stub objects are surrogates that support exactly the same set of remote interfaces defined by the actual implementation of the remote object.

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Fields inherited from class java.rmi.server.RemoteObject
Constructor Summary
          Constructor for RemoteStub.
RemoteStub(RemoteRef ref)
          Constructor for RemoteStub, with the specified remote reference.
Method Summary
protected static void setRef(RemoteStub stub, RemoteRef ref)
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Constructor Detail


protected RemoteStub()
Constructor for RemoteStub.


protected RemoteStub(RemoteRef ref)
Constructor for RemoteStub, with the specified remote reference.
Method Detail


protected static void setRef(RemoteStub stub,
                             RemoteRef ref)

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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