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Interface java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextServices

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public abstract interface BeanContextServices
extends BeanContext, BeanContextServicesListener

The BeanContextServices interface provides a mechanism for a BeanContext to expose generic "services" to the BeanContextChild objects within.

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Method Summary
 void addBeanContextServicesListener(BeanContextServicesListener bcsl)
          add a BeanContextServicesListener to this BeanContext
 boolean addService(Class serviceClass, BeanContextServiceProvider serviceProvider)
          add a service to this BeanContext
 Iterator getCurrentServiceClasses()
          return the currently available services
 Iterator getCurrentServiceSelectors(Class serviceClass)
 Object getService(BeanContextChild child, Object requestor, Class serviceClass, Object serviceSelector, BeanContextServiceRevokedListener bcsrl)
 boolean hasService(Class serviceClass)
 void releaseService(BeanContextChild child, Object requestor, Object service)
          release the service reference
 void removeBeanContextServicesListener(BeanContextServicesListener bcsl)
          remove a BeanContextServicesListener from this BeanContext
 void revokeService(Class serviceClass, BeanContextServiceProvider serviceProvider, boolean revokeCurrentServicesNow)
          remove a service from this BeanContext
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addBeanContextMembershipListener , getResource , getResourceAsStream , instantiateChild , removeBeanContextMembershipListener
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addPropertyChangeListener , addVetoableChangeListener , getBeanContext , removePropertyChangeListener , removeVetoableChangeListener , setBeanContext
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isDesignTime , setDesignTime
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avoidingGui , dontUseGui , needsGui , okToUseGui
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Method Detail


public boolean addService(Class serviceClass,
                          BeanContextServiceProvider serviceProvider)
add a service to this BeanContext


public void revokeService(Class serviceClass,
                          BeanContextServiceProvider serviceProvider,
                          boolean revokeCurrentServicesNow)
remove a service from this BeanContext


public boolean hasService(Class serviceClass)
true iff the service is available.


public Object getService(BeanContextChild child,
                         Object requestor,
                         Class serviceClass,
                         Object serviceSelector,
                         BeanContextServiceRevokedListener bcsrl)
                  throws TooManyListenersException
a reference to this context's named Service as requested or null


public void releaseService(BeanContextChild child,
                           Object requestor,
                           Object service)
release the service reference


public Iterator getCurrentServiceClasses()
return the currently available services


public Iterator getCurrentServiceSelectors(Class serviceClass)
the currently available service selectors for the named serviceClass


public void addBeanContextServicesListener(BeanContextServicesListener bcsl)
add a BeanContextServicesListener to this BeanContext


public void removeBeanContextServicesListener(BeanContextServicesListener bcsl)
remove a BeanContextServicesListener from this BeanContext

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Beta 4

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