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This is the Spring 2022 final website.

We will create a repository containing stub code on gitlab for you. You should continuously commit your code to this assignment repository as you work on it. Once you are done with your assignment you will turn it in through the associated Ed Lesson.


Assignment out checkpoint due
Doodle Code, Video, Reflection Wed 30-Mar   Fri 8-Apr
Doodle Peer Eval Fri 8-Apr   Sun 10-Apr
Layout Code & reflection Wed 6-Apr Thur 14-Apr Thur 21-Apr
Accessibility, Video, & Reflection Wed 20-Apr   Thur 28-Apr
Menus Code Wed 27-Apr Wed 4-May Sat 7-May
Menus Testing & report Wed 27-Apr   Thur 12-May
Undo Code & Video Wed 11-May   Fri 20-May
Undo Reflection Wed 11-May   Sun 22-May
Final Project Design Fri 20-May   Fri 27-May
Final Project Code Fri 20-May   Sat 4-Jun
Final Project Testing Fri 20-May   Sun 5-Jun
Final Project Video & Report Fri 20-May   Wed 8-Jun