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  • [12/19] The Final Exam has been graded and emails have been sent via Gradescope. A sample solution can be found here.

    Ruth Anderson
    Office: CSE 460

    Teaching Assistants
    Conrad Nied
    Section AA
    Section AD
    Ollin Boer Bohan
    Section AA
    Logan Weber
    Section AB
    Rio Hoshi
    Section AB
    Miles Saul
    Section AC

    Your first stop for most questions should be the Piazza Message Board (remember not to post your program there). For questions involving personal matters send email to cse332-staff at cs. Detailed debugging is best handled in office hours. Office Hours Schedule can be found on the the Calendar

    Textbook: Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java 3rd Ed., Mark Allen Weiss, Addison Wesley: 2011, ISBN: 0132576279 Errata is here. Code from the book is here. (We will also try to support the 2nd edition: Addison Wesley: 2007, ISBN: 0-321-37013-9, Errata for 2nd edition is here. Code for the 2nd edition is here.) The textbook is also available for 4 hour loan at the Engineering library.

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