CSE 331: Software Design & Implementation

The aim of this course is to train students to have the core programming skills necessary to be successful professional programmers. It teaches students a principled approach to designing & implementing software so that it will be almost certainly correct, as well as easy to understand and change.

See the syllabus page for full details on the course structure and policies.


In addition to in-person discussion, students and staff will communicate through the following means:

  • Course Mailing List: Used by the instructors to email the class with important announcements. (All students are auto-subscribed, but be sure to check your @uw email for these messages.)
  • Message Board (link): The preferred way to ask questions about course content and homework assignments. We will aim to respond to all questions within one hour during normal, working hours.
  • Anonymous Feedback: You can send feedback anonymously to the instructors via this tool.



Katherine Murphy profile pic

Katherine Murphy   she/her

Email: kate2001@cs.washington.edu

About: Current BS/MS student whose never-ending project is rebuilding the CSE 331 course infrastructure. Prior to becoming the CSE 331 instructor, I TAed CSE 331 TA for 12 quarters. In my free time I like to hike, play with my dog Izzy, bake, and ski!

Teaching Assistants

Adam Fuegmann profile pic

Adam Fuegmann   he/him

Email: afuegm25@cs.washington.edu

About: Hey everyone! I'm Adam, a senior in Computer Science. This is my fourth quarter teaching 331, and I can't wait for you all to see how awesome this class is! Outside of classes, you'll inevitably find me studying with friends in the Undergrad Commons at Gates. When I'm not studying, I like reading, playing some good ol' fashioned video games, and studying Japanese. Feel free to stop by OH whenever you'd like!!

Ali Toghani profile pic

Ali Toghani   he/him

Email: at007@cs.washington.edu

Section: AB 10:50-11:50 (MUE 153)

About: Hi, I'm Ali, a fourth-year CS student. Outside of classes, you can often find me watching "The Office", experimenting with cooking, or playing Fifa/chess. I transferred here last fall, so if you have any questions regarding that experience, please feel free to ask!

Emma Huang profile pic

Emma Huang   she/her

Email: emhyq@uw.edu

Section: AB 10:50-11:50 (MUE 153)

About: Hey everyone! I'm a sophomore studying computer science. Outside of school, I love exploring new music and various indie video games; I'm not a very avid gamer, but I watch a lot of Let's Play videos. Looking forward to meeting you all •ᴗ•

Jonathan Trinh profile pic

Jonathan Trinh   he/him

Email: jtrinh13@cs.washington.edu

Section: AB 10:50-11:50 (MUE 153)

About: Hey everyone! I'm currently a first-year CS student and this will be my first time TAing 331. Outside of school, some of my hobbies are tennis, playing games, and running. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in section or OH. Feel free to visit with questions or to chat!

Katie Gilchrist profile pic

Katie Gilchrist   she/her

Email: cgilch@cs.washington.edu

About: Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I'm a junior majoring in CS. This will be my second quarter TAing and first as a 331 TA. Outside of school I absolutely love puzzles (both jigsaw and logic puzzles), crafting, watching movies, and I've recently gotten myself hooked on Supernatural. Feel free to reach out and I look forward to meeting you all!

Medha Gupta profile pic

Medha Gupta   she/her

Email: medhag2@cs.washington.edu

About: Hi everyone! I am a rising junior in computer science and this is my 2nd quarter TAing 331. Outside of classes, I enjoy reading, baking, and singing horrendously to Bollywood songs. Some of my hot takes are that I don't like boba but love pineapple on pizza. I look forward to meeting everyone this quarter!


All the fantastic materials for CSE 331 (slides, assignments, etc.) were adapted from content designed and developed by Profs Kevin Zatloukal and James Wilcox.