CSE 331 Exams

This page contains links to old exams along with a list of topics and copies of this quarter's exams. The overlap between previous offerings of the course and this quarter isn't exact so you should ignore questions about topics we haven't covered. In some quarters, the second exam was a full-length final exam, in others it was a second exam intended to be the same difficulty as the midterm.

Suggestion: Don't try these exams until after you've done your studying. Then use them as a check for how well you are prepared.

Midterm / exam 1

Topic list for this quarter's midterm

This quarter's midterm:  exam  sample solution

Old exams: 12sp (solution12wi (solution11au (solution11wi (solution10au (topics, no solution available)  10sp (solution)

Final / exam 2

This quarter's final:  exam  sample solution

Old exams: 12sp (solution12wi (solution11au (no solution available)  11wi (solution10sp (solution)