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 CSE 321: Discrete Structures, Autumn 2004
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Homework Assignments
  Assignment #1
  Assignment #2
  Assignment #3
  Assignment #4
  Assignment #5
  Assignment #6
  Assignment #7
  Assignment #8
  Solutions to #8
Reading Assignments
  Read Sections 1.1-1.4
  Read Section 1.5
  Read Sections 1.6-1.8, 2.4-2.5
  Read Sections 3.3-3.4
  Slides on logic (Sec B)
  Logic Notes
  Slides on sets (Sec B)
  Slides on counting (Sec B)
  Slides on probability (Sec B)
  Slides Bayes Rule
  Slides on relations
  Slides on graphs
  Sample Midterm Questions
  Sample Final Questions
Section A: Paul Beame MWF 9:30-10:20    EE1 045

Section B: Dieter Fox MWF 1:30-2:20    EE1 045

Office Hours Location Phone
Instructors: Paul Beame  MWF 9:30 beame@cs  
MWF 10:20-11:00, W 2:00-3:00
or by appointment
CSE 668 543-5114
Dieter Fox  MWF 1:30 fox@cs  
MW 2:20-3:00
or T 12:30 - 1:30
CSE 586 685-2517
TAs: Ioannis Giotis Th 9:30 MEB 248 giotis@cs  
T 3:00-3:30
Th 11:00-12:00
CSE 218
CSE 220
Ethan Katz-Bassett Th 1:30 MOR 220 ethan@cs   W 3:30-4:30 CSE 218
Benjamin Shih Th 12:30 MUE 154 benshih@cs   Th 3:30 - 4:30 CSE 220
Garrett Wu Th 8:30 EE1 031 gwu@cs   Th 2:30-3:20 CSE 220

Grading: Homework 45-55%, midterm 15-20%, final 30-35%, give or take. Extra Credit.

Textbook: Kenneth H. Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill Publishing, 2003. A copy is on reserve in the Engineering Library.

Mailing List: There is a class mailing list, Follow the link in the left column on this page to sign up. Everyone is expected to be reading cse321 e-mail to keep up-to-date on the course.

Midterm Exam: Friday, November 5 in class. Sample midterm questions are available.

Final Exam: The final exam will be at the times listed in the exam schedule. The 9:30 section final will be Wednesday, December 15, 8:30-10:20. The 1:30 section final will be Monday, December 13, 2:30-4:20.

Suggestions or Comments? You can send comments to the instructor or TA using this anonymous feedback form

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