You are not required to type your homework solutions. However, they are required to be legible, and typesetting your solutions will ensure that they are easy to read.

LaTeX is the standard tool for typesetting mathematical materials. While it takes some time to learn, it will likely pay for itself in the long run. LaTeX math notation is also supported in some places outside of LaTeX documents, such as on the Piazza message board.

A former CSE 311 instructor, Adam Blank, has provided these documents, which may be useful to you:

  • A template LaTeX file to use for CSE 311 homework assigments.
  • A tutorial on LaTeX, including specific information on how to use the template.

Note that LaTeX does not need to be installed on your computer. You can use it in a web browser at the Overleaf web site.

While LaTeX is not required for your assignments in CSE 311, it is encouraged. However, LaTeX is not the best tool for every job. In particular, for drawing circuits, finite state machines, and other diagrams, it is often preferable to draw them by hand, take a picture, and include it in your LaTeX document using the \includegraphics{FILE_NAME} command.