CSE 311: Foundations of Computing I

Instructors Kevin Zatloukal (kevinz at cs)

Message Board:
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Contact: For other matters, send email to cse311-staff at cs, which will reach both the instructor and TAs.

Lectures: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Time Location Instructor
A 10:30–11:20 CSE2 G10 Kevin Zatloukal
B 1:30–2:20 CSE2 G20 Kevin Zatloukal

Sections: Thursdays
Time Location Instructor
AA 9:30–10:20 MGH 251 Oscar Sprumont
AC 10:30–11:20 MGH 254 Joy Ji
AD 11:30–12:20 JHN 175 Daniel Fuchs
AE 12:30–1:20 SAV 156 Austin Chan
AG 1:30–2:20 LOW 205 Siddharth Bedekar
BA 12:30–1:20 THO 202 Zhu Li
BB 1:30–2:20 MGH 058 Jason Waataja
BC 2:30–3:20 MGH 271 Frank Qin
BD 11:30–12:20 DEN 213 Karishma Mandyam
BE 12:30–1:20 SAV 156 Austin Chan
BG 1:30–2:20 LOW 205 Siddharth Bedekar