Midterm exam

The midterm exam will be held in class. This is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 6th, but watch the calendar (and your email) for potential changes.

The midterm will cover everything up to the end of ordinary induction (but not strong induction). It will be closed book and closed notes. However, you will get lists of inference and equivalence rules with the exam.

To get an idea of the content and length of the exam, take a look at the following material:

  • a set of practice problems and solutions with these additional notes:

    • In Predicate Logic part (a), you may assume the domain of discourse is restaurants, food, and people. In subpart (i), you may use a predicate Restaurant(x) which means that "x is a restaurant". In part (c), you do not have to state that the person was the only person Jane and John voted for.
    • In the Formal Proofs question, it should say "i is in the domain" rather than "a".

  • a previous midterm and solutions

There will be a TA-led review session Sunday, Nov 3rd, from 3-5pm, in Gowen 301. Please come with questions.

Final exam

The final exam will be held on December 9th, the Monday of finals week. The exam for Section B will be held from 2:30-4:20, and the exam for Section A will be held 4:30-6:20. Both exams will take place in CSE2620 (the lecture room for Section B).

In the case of a scheduling conflict, students may take the exam at either time but must email the staff (cse311-staff@cs) at least a week prior to the exam date to make special arrangements. Students must bring their UW ID and have it ready to be checked during the exam.

The final exam will be comprehensive, but it will emphasize the material not covered on the midterm. As a rough guide, you can expect two thirds of the final to cover the post midterm material.

To get an idea of the content and length of the exam, take a look at the following material:

Note, however, that these tests may include some material that was not discussed in our class, as the course content does change somewhat from quarter to quarter.

There will be a TA-led review session Saturday, Dec 7th, from 1-3pm, in SAV 260. Please come with questions.