section name nickname email * pic IM ** fave web site
Marty Stepp "Vicious D Marty Slick" stepp staff icon AIM UW CSE 190 M The Onion
ME Morgan Doocy "MOGRAN, Devourer of Souls!!1" mdoocy staff icon Facebook (pre-apps)
MD Kelly Dunn "Kelly Everyday I'm Hustlin' Dunn" kellyd6 staff icon AIM CSE KELLY LOL ffffound
MG Jason Ganzhorn "JC 'Bankai' Ganzhorn" ganzhj staff icon
ME Stefanie Hatcher "Sugartastic Stef Kicks" hatchs staff icon Cute Overload!
MB Brian Le "B. Happy" ble staff icon AIM UW CSE Brian Wong Fu Productions
MA Sylvia Tashev "Green" sylviat staff icon AIM CSE Sylvia DeviantArt
MC Kim Todd "Mouse" toddk4 staff icon AIM CSE Kim Penny Arcade
MH Ryan Tucker "Papa T" rctucker staff icon AIM UW CSE 190M Ryan CSS Zen Garden
MF Kevin Wallace "Sir Haxx-a-lot" k staff icon AIM uw cs kevin Sometimes Red Sometimes Blue
textbook co-authors:
Jessica Miller "Reverend Jessica Flash" jessica staff icon Kayak
Victoria Kirst "Victizzle Kizzle" vkirst staff icon TasteSpotting
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