TA Lab Schedule

TAs will be available to help you with homework questions in the Introductory Programming Lab (IPL) in Mary Gates Hall rooms 334 and 342, at the following times each week. The IPL is closed during all other hours (including all the gray hours below). If you need a place to work on homework during other hours, consider going to the Odegaard library.

Note: The IPL also serves CSE 142/143 students. Only 190 M TAs will be able to help you with web programming-related questions. Please be respectful to the other TAs and students from other courses sharing the lab with you.

190M TA's will begin staffing the IPL on Monday, April 6th.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:30 am Lab session
9:00 Lab session
9:30 Lab session
10:00 Lab session
10:30 Lab session
11:00 Lab session
11:30 Lab session Lab session
12:00 pm Lab session Lab session
12:30 Jason Brian Ryan Brian Stef
1:00 Jason Brian Ryan Brian Stef
1:30 Ryan Kelly Ryan Morgan Stef
2:00 Ryan Kelly Ryan Morgan Stef
2:30 Kelly Morgan
3:00 Kelly Morgan
3:30 Kevin Kim, Jason Sylvia
4:00 Kevin Kim, Jason Sylvia
4:30 Kevin Kim, Sylvia
5:00 Kevin Kim, Sylvia

If you're in the IPL right now and the scheduled TA isn't there, please email the instructor(s).

Last updated Mar 18 2009

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