Hey all,

Since there's always more to learn about Eclipse, I've put together a few how-to pages to help you with various useful IDE features. On the left you'll find a list of the available topics. If you feel like there is a major omission, feel free to contact me via oterod at cs and I'll do my best to get a response up.

Be warned, however. This is not ever going to turn into "Eclipse for Dummies." It's meant to help you get going with a new IDE as fast as possible. If you have super-specific or advanced questions, go ahead and ask me or one of the other TAs. I'll also point out that none of this is required reading by any means. It's here to help you. If you don't want to read it, or if it doesn't help, don't bother.

Good luck Eclipsing,

NOTE: One important note for Mac users (like myself). All keyboard shortcuts listed in these tutorials, with the exception of Ctrl-Space, are PC-only. Mac users should substitute Apple for Ctrl and Option for Alt. Ctrl-Shift-F becomes Apple-Shift-F. Get it? Ctrl-Space doesn't change on Macs because Apple-Space is already mapped to trigger Spotlight.