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Output Comparison Tool (for testing whether your program produces the correct output)





  • Assignment #4 (Doodle, Checkers) -- Due electronically Thursday, February 1, 9:00pm. Turn in HW4 here.
    Specification: hw4-doodle_checkers.pdf
    Required file:    DrawingPanel.java
    Expected output:    hw4-checkers.png
    hw4-checkers-mac.png (if you use a Mac)
    Useful link:    RGB color table
    Doodle Contest:    Doodle Contest Survey (vote for your favorite doodles!)
    View all the Doodles (without voting)

    You won't use the Output Comparison Tool to test HW4's output. Instead, you'll use the Compare to File feature in the DrawingPanel. To use it, right-click the hw4-checkers.png file above and choose Save Target As... to save it to your computer in the same folder as your Checkers program. Then run your Checkers.java program, and on the DrawingPanel click File, Compare to File... and select the hw4-checkers.png file. A "DiffImage" utility will appear to help you inspect your graphical output.


  • Assignment #3 (Grades) -- Due electronically Thursday, January 25, 9:00pm. Turn in HW3 here.
    Specification: hw3-grades.pdf
    Expected output:    hw3-grades_1.txt (example log #1)
    hw3-grades_2.txt (example log #2)
    hw3-grades_3.txt (example log #3)
    hw3-grades_4.txt (example log #4)

    If you are using the Output Comparison Tool to test your program's output, you should copy your output from the Console tab at the bottom, rather than from the Interactions tab. Run the program, and then once it's done, click Console and select the output to copy it.


  • Assignment #2 (Space Needle) -- Due electronically Thursday, January 18, 9:00pm. Turn in HW2 here.
    Specification: hw2-spaceneedle.pdf
    Expected output:    hw2-spaceneedle.txt (default size of 4)
    hw2-spaceneedle_size3.txt (size 3)
    hw2-spaceneedle_size7.txt (size 7)

    If you are stuck or need help on an assignment:

    • Read the corresponding book chapter, especially its case study, which is a detailed example similar to your assignment.
    • Look at the example files from lecture in the Lectures/Files section.
    • Look at your Thursday section handout problems.
    • Go see a TA in the IPL for help.
    • Email your TA and/or instructor if you have specific questions.



Homework Submission Policy

All students are responsible for knowing the homework submission policy

Information on the course policies on academic integrity and collaboration can be found on the syllabus page.