CSE 140 Winter 2014
Lecture Topics

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January 6 L0: Introduction (PDF, PPT)
Read: ThinkP 1; PTut 1; ICPUP 1; What is Computational thinking?
January 8 L1: Intro to Python (PDF, PPT)
Read: L2: the Python interpreter (PDF, PPT),
Do: Reading quiz L2
January 10 L3: Control flow (PDF, PPT)
Read: ThinkP 5.1-5.7; PTut 4-4.5, 5.7; ICPUP 2.2-2.4; Eval 5, 7
Do: Reading quiz L3
January 13 L4: Functions (PDF, PPT)
Read: ThinkP 3; PTut 4.6-4.8; ICPUP 4.0-4.2; Eval 8
Do: Reading quiz L4
January 15 L5: Functions and Lists (PDF, PPT)
Read: ThinkP 10; PTut 5-5.1, 5.4; ICPUP 5.4 Eval 6
Do: Reading quiz L5
January 17 L6: Lists; File IO (PDF, PPT)
Read: ThinkP 5.3, 5.5, 14; PTut 7.2-7.2.1; ICPUP 4.6
Do:Reading quiz L6
January 22 L7: Data structures (PDF, PPT): sets (PDF, PPT); dictionaries (PDF, PPT);
Read: ThinkP 11, 12; PTut 5.4-5.8; ICPUP 5.1, 5.2, 5.5
Do: Reading quiz L7
Optional dictionary practice problems
January 24 L8: Dictionaries, Graphs (PDF, PPT), Sorting (PDF, PPT)
Read: sorting 1-5 (do not worry about "lambda")
Do: Reading quiz L8
January 27 L9: Sorting & CELT Assessment
Read: ThinkP Debugging sections of each chapter, Appendix A; ICPUP 6.2
Do: Reading quiz L9
January 29 L10: Debugging (PDF, PPT)
Read: PTut 5.3; Python Documentation Section 3.1
Do: Reading quiz L10
January 31 L11: Sharing, mutability, and immutability (PDF, PPT)
Read: Skim Python style and examples
Do: Reading quiz L11
February 3 L12: Review (come with questions) More info
Do: Reading quiz L12 (optional)
February 7 L13: Interpreting Exceptions
Do: Reading quiz L13
February 10 L14: Testing (PDF, PPT)
Read: ICPUP 6.1
February 12 L15: Development Strategies, Function Design (PPT, PDF, Handout, Data)
Read: ICPUP 4.2; ThinkP 3.12
February 14 L16: Statistics (PDF, PPT, code)
Read: Intro and examples section (only) of "Statistical hypothesis testing"; ICPUP 12-14, 16
February 19 L17: Visualization (PDF, PPT, code 1, 2, 3, 4)
Read: ICPUP 11; PyPlot Tutorial; watch Hans Rosling
Do: Reading quiz L17
February 21 L18: Optional Quiz (Soln)
February 24 L19: Design exercise (PPT, PDF)
Read: On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules
February 26 L20: Design exercise, continued (Ex1.py, foo2.txt, Ex2.py, quant.txt)
Read: ThinkP 13, ThinkP 14.9
Do: Reading quiz L20
February 28 L21: Data abstraction (PDF, PPT, WordCounts-dict.py, WordCounts-list.py)
Read: Abstraction, ThinkP 13
Do: Reading quiz L21
March 3 L22: List comprehensions (PDF, PPT)
Read: ICPUP 8.0, 8.1, 8.3 (skim 8.2, 8.3.1, and 8.4), PTut 5.1.4, ThinkP 14.1-14.4, 14.11;
Do: Reading quiz L22
March 5 L23: Recursion (PDF, PPT, 23-recursion.zip)
Read: ThinkP 5.8-5.10, 6.5; ICPUP 4.3, 4.3.1
Do: Reading quiz L23
March 7 L24: More recursion and review
March 12 L25: Algorithmic speed (PDF, PPT, code)
Read: ThinkP Appendix B; ICPUP 9
Do: Reading quiz L25
March 14 L26: Wrapup (PDF, PPT)
Read: PTut 12