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FIT 100

Fluency with Information Technology

Spring 2008


Coding Steps

Initial Setup

  1. Have a copy of the JavaScript reference and/or the W3Schools JavaScript tutorial easily available.

  2. Download/Open your favorite JavaScript text editor for your operating system:
    1. Windows
    2. Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4: TextWrangler (includes file comparison)
    3. Linux: tclPad

  3. Firefox is the best choice for JavaScript. It is available on the computers in MGH 430 and in all other campus computer labs. Download Firefox for your laptop or your home or work computer.

  4. Install the Web Developer toolbar for Firefox. Follow screen prompts to download and install. From the menu choose Tools> Validate HTML to give yourself a good foundation for your JavaScript coding.


  1. Open your web browser’s debugger window

  2. Write down your programming algorithm in English, expanding the detail as needed. (This is your pseudo code)

  3. Break your program down into smaller manageable parts (functions, statements, display, program logic, etc…)

  4. The dirty work – Rinse, Wash, Repeat

    1. Text Editor : write a small section of your program, converting your pseudo code into JavaScript using the references for assistance.

    2. Text Editor : Save

    3. Web Browser : Open your .html file and debugger

    4. Web Browser : Did you get what you were expecting with no errors?

    5. If no

      1. Text Editor : Verify correct JavaScript syntax, verify algorithm is correct

      2. Text Editor : Make ONE change to your code and hit save

      3. Web Browser : Clear your debugger and reload your page

      4. Web Browser : Did you remove the errors? : If no – repeat A – C

    6. Save a backup of your work to your dante account.

    7. Figure out what logical piece must be written next (often times this “plugs in” to the previous section)

    8. Repeat 1 – 7 until finished

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