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 CSEP 590 B, Accessibility, Autumn 2008
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Course Description

This is a new course on accessibility of computing for persons with disabilities. The course will survey disabled users worldwide, and what their needs and desires are in the use of computers. Topics will also include the history of access technology and how technologies like optical character recognition, speech synthesis, speech understanding, and mobile GPS and other common technologies have their roots in accessibility. Additional topics include access technology, current research in access technology, and various disability laws related to technology. Guest speakers will discuss and demonstrate their accessibility solutions. This course will involve extensive reading and discussion, and a written paper.

Meeting Time


There will be one research project that is described on the project page. Project reports are uploaded and discussed on the project discussion forum.


Please visit the class discussion forum daily during the week.

Mailing List

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Visit the class resource page for a list of websites and other resources that are relevant for finding information for your project, etc.


Grading Criteria

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