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This is the Spring 2021 website.

You can track your assignments through our Canvas portal. Please check submission formats for each assignment. Please contact the course staff when in doubt.

Reminder, our class discussion happens using the class mailing list should you have any questions or run into issue, please contact the course staff.


Exercise Peer Eval Reflection
Activity 1: Learning goals    
HW0: AT around us    
HW1: Improve a screen reader    
In Class Activity: Using switch access on your phone    
Activity3: Describe pictures and videos    
HW2: Speech and Nonspeech Audio Visualization    
Final project: Make the World more accessible    

Reminder: assignment and solution code must not be shared or made public through gitlab, or posted on public repositories such as Github. This is an exception for homework 1 as your code may be checked in to the NVDA repository.