Topic Extras
 1 Display Devices LCD, Vector Displays, Raster Displays
 2 Image Processing Image warp, Discrete 1D Convolution, Continuous 1D Convolution
 3 Affine Transformations Affine Transformation Game, Change of Basis
 4 Hierarchical Modeling Hierarchies, Robot Arm Example
 5 Projections Perspective Camera Transformation Parallel Camera Transformation Hitchcock
 6 Hidden Surface Determination BSP Trees Z-Buffer
 7 Shading BRDF viewer, OpenGl shading applet
 8 Raytracing Ray Tracing Applet Reflection/Refraction Applet
 9 Texture Mapping Nyquist Limit Texture Mapping Primitives,
Marble Applet,
Mip-Map Animation
10 Parametric Curves Cubic curves, zip file, Bezier Curves, B-Splines, Curve Interpolation
11 Particle Systems Cloth Demo
12 Parametric Surfaces Tensor product Bezier patch
13 Subdivision Surfaces Subdivision Tutorials and Online Demos Triangular subdivision surfaces


Animation Principles

Animation principles tutorial, Pixar shorts, Perlin walkers