CSEP 548 Spring 2009
Retro prof in the lab University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering
 CSEP 548 Spring 2009
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Note: this schedule is subject to change when you least expect it.

Submit all reading and homework assignments electronically via Catalyst.

Lecture Date Topics Textbook Reading Paper Assignment Slides Homework
30 March no class
1 6 April Introduction and Metrics 1.1-1.8 none Overview (annotated) Intro (annotated) Metrics (annotated)
2 13 April Instruction Set Architectures Appendix B, Appendix J.2 (RISC ISAs) and J.3 (x86) ISAs
3 20 April Intro to Quantum Computing, Pipelining Review and Branch Prediction skim Appendix A, 2.1-2.9 Quantum Computing (annotated) Pipelining (annotated) Homework #1 out
4 27 April ILP part 2 Branch Prediction Superscalar Execution Instruction Scheduling (annotated) Homework #2 out
5 4 May ILP part 3 (Dynamic Scheduling), Simultaneous Multithreading, Data Level Parallelism Chapter 3 Multithreading (annotated) Data Level Parallelism Homework #1 due
6 11 May Memory Hierarchy Appendix C, Chapter 5 Memory Hierarchy (annotated more) Homework #2 due Homework #3 out
7 18 May Multiprocessors 4 Memory Hierarchy 2 Multiprocessors (annotated more) Homework #2 due
25 May Memorial Day - no class Homework #3 due
8 1 June Multiprocessors part 2
9 8 June Binary Translation, Virtualization, What's Next? Virtual Machines Homework #4 due

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