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Lecture Slides

Here are links to the PDF, PowerPoint and CSD (Classroom Presenter) files for the lecture slides. Please print a hardcopy of the slides to refer to during lecture.

Week Title CSD
PDF PowerPoint
1 Overview CSD PDF PPT
1 Introduction CSD PDF PPT
1 Instruction Set Design CSD PDF PPT
2 Pipeline Basics CSD PDF PPT
2 Branch Prediction CSD PDF PPT
2 Exceptions CSD PDF PPT
3 Multiple Instruction Issue CSD PDF PPT
3 Dynamic Scheduling CSD PDF PPT
3 Tomasulo's Algorithm CSD PDF PPT
4 Dynamic Scheduling with Register Renaming CSD PDF PPT
4 Dynamic Scheduling with a Reorder Buffer CSD PDF PPT
5 Speculation & Exceptions CSD PDF PPT
6 Basics of Caches CSD PDF PPT
6 Advanced Cache Techniques CSD PDF PPT
7 Multithreading CSD PDF PPT
7 Databases on SMT CSD PDF PPT
7 Mini-threads CSD PDF PPT
7 Register Utilization CSD PDF PPT
8 Multiprocessors CSD PDF PPT
8 Cache Coherency CSD PDF PPT
9 Synchronization CSD PDF PPT
9 Final Exam CSD PDF PPT
9 Dataflow Machines CSD PDF PPT
9 WaveScalar CSD PDF PPT
10 Quantum Computing at UW CSD PDF PPT
10 FPGA Research at UW CSD PDF PPT
10 The Princeton ZebraNet Project CSD PDF PPT

Video Archives

On the day after the lecture, video archives will be posted here in a format suitable for both WebViewer, and Windows Media Player. WebViewer permits the playback of certain enabled live streams and archives with slides and instructor tablet annotations.   To use the WebViewer archives, install WebViewer 1.9.5 or later, then click on links in the WebViewer column below. With older versions of WebViewer, you must launch WebViewer first, then use "File menu->Open with Browser," navigate back to this page using WebViewer's browser, and select a link in the Windows Media Archive column. 

Troubleshooting NOTE:  Some of us have seen a stuation where clicking on WebViewer links to WBV files in IE causes WebViewer to launch, but fails to open media.  So far it looks like this is due to IE holding corrupt data in its cache.  A workaround is to clear the IE cache.  Another workaround is to download the WBV file to the local system, then double-click it.

Date Video Archive
Windows Media Archive
(WMP or older WebViewer versions)
WebViewer 1.9.5 or later
(see troubleshooting note above)
Downloadable WebViewer Archive
Version 1.9.5 or later recommended
3/30/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download
4/6/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download
4/13/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download
4/20/2005 part 1 Video Launch WebViewer Download
4/20/2005 part 2 Video Launch WebViewer Download
4/27/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download
5/4/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download
5/11/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download
5/18/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download
5/25/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download
6/1/2005 Video Launch WebViewer Download

Live Streamed Lectures

Live lectures may also be viewed:

See http://www.cs.washington.edu/masters/dl_tech/ for details.

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