Class CommandLineClient

  extended by tp.client.CommandLineClient

public class CommandLineClient
extends Object

default command line client for the project.

Interpreter and Service
printPrint current transaction and customer information
exit or quitTerminate the client.
refresh Tell all managers to refresh remote references.
kill (WC|RM|TM) [name] Kill specified manager.
shutdown (WC|RM|TM) [name] Gracefully shutdown specified manager.
Transactions and Customer
beginbegin transaction
commitcommit transaction
abortabort transaction
new [UUID]Set current customer id. If UUID is not given, a random customer id is created.
Managing Resources
add (car|seat|room) qty priceadd resources
delete (car|seat|room) qtydelete resources
delete flightcancel flight and all associate reservations.
query (car|seat|room) locquery available resource at loc
price (car|seat|room) locquery price of resource at loc
list (car|seat|room)list registered resources.
Managing Reservations
reserve f1 ... fN loc bookCar bookRoom make a reservation for current customer. f1 ... fN are flights. bookCar and bookRoom are boolean values.
cancel [customer]cancel reservation for given or current customer
query itinerary [customer]query itinerary of given or current customer
price itinerary [customer]query price of itinerary of given or current customer
list customerlist registered customers.

Constructor Summary
CommandLineClient(Registry r, WC wc)
Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
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Constructor Detail


public CommandLineClient(Registry r,
                         WC wc)
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
                 throws Exception
args -