CSE 584: Software Engineering

Autumn 1998

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This class will focus primarily on technical aspects of software engineering research, covering five topics
  1. Design (October 6, 13)
  2. Evolution (October 20, 27)
  3. Requirements and specification (November 10, 17)
  4. Analyses and tools (November 24, December 1)
  5. Quality assurance (December 8)

To put these into perspective for practitioners in the computing industry (that's you!), we'll do several specific things

  1. We'll consider a question that is asked increasingly often: "Why does software engineering research only infrequently transfer effectively into the software industry?"
  2. We'll start the quarter reading some papers on this general topic
  3. For each of the first four topics above, students in the class will produce short reports assessing the material in the readings in this context
  4. For each of the first four topics above, students in the class will produce a single web page that distills these reports, essentially representing a collective industrial assessment of software engineering research in these areas

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Sign up for leading one of the four web page efforts by sending email to Jake and me: the assigned work page has the volunteer(s) to date
PDF format for slides now available on lecture page
Instructor: David Notkin
Teaching assistant: Jake Cockrell

We will meet Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30PM this quarter in EE1 Room 003
There will be no class on November 3, 1998

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