In this course, we will study the specialized systems and algorithms that have been developed to work with data at scale, including parallel database systems, MapReduce and its contemporaries, graph systems, streaming systems, and others. We will also go over core techniques of cloud platforms; and important scalable algorithms.

Instructor: Magdalena (magda) Balazinska, magda at Office hour: Tuesdays 4:30pm-5pm in class or over skype by appointment.

TA: Parmita Mehta, parmita at Office hour: Thursdays 4pm-5pm in CSE482.

TA: Matthew Liu, liux44@ at Office hour: 4:30pm-5:30pm in 4th Floor (Breakouts/Studies) area

Lectures: Tuesdays -- 5pm - 7:50pm

Sections: Tuesdays -- 8pm -8:50pm

Location: ARC G070.

The workload in the class involves the following: