CSE599X: Molecular Programming

'''Date''' '''Topic''' '''Paper''' '''Presented by'''
2/1 Stochastic chemical reactions, chemical register machine Exact Stochastic Simulation of Coupled Chemical Reactions;
Computation with finite stochastic chemical reaction networks
2/6 DNA computing 1.0 Molecular computation of solutions to combinatorial problems Brandon B.
2/8 3D DNA origami Self-assembly of DNA into nanoscale three-dimensional shapes James
2/13 DNA computing 2.0 Scaling Up Digital Circuit Computation with DNA Strand Displacement Cascades Xinhang
2/15 A chemical programming language DNA as a Universal Substrate for Chemical Kinetics Jacob
2/20 Presidents day
2/22 Formalizing DNA strand-displacement cascades A programming language for composable DNA circuits Brandon L.
2/27 Localized DNA circuits Rich
2/29 Programming bacteria to form patterns Eric Klavins
3/5 Post-transcriptional gene regulation: miRNA and siRNA Georg
3/7 RNAi circuits Multi-Input RNAi-Based Logic Circuit for Identification of Specific Cancer Cells Poshen
3/12 Finals week
3/15 Finals week