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 CSE599W: Operating Systems and the Web, Winter 2010

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CSE599W is a special topics course on operating systems and the Web. As many have observed, desktop operating systems and web browsers have been on a collision course for the past decade. In this course, we'll examine research papers and industrial systems that are suggestive of what OSs, browsers, and the web could become. Our goal for the quarter will be answer several questions, such as:

Your job in class will be primarily to read assigned research papers and come to class prepared for discussion. As well, you will likely be assigned one or two topics for which you'll act as a discussion leader. We will also have a few small programming or design assignments.




Before each class, you should read the paper(s) assigned for that day. For each lecture, I will post one or two discussion questions based on the readings. If you are registered for the course, you are required to add a unique comment to the discussion thread of one of the questions for the day.

So that everyone has time to read all comments, your comment is due by 9am on the day of the lecture. Note that the earlier you post, the easier it is to be unique. Please keep your entries short: they can be anything that provides insight into the discussion question. (My thanks to Tom Anderson for this paper summary model!)

The links you need:


Here's an overview of the course schedule, the paper reading topics, and assignments have been given out.

Date Lecture slides/notes Reading topic Assignments
W 1/06 intro
M 1/11 no class today
W 1/13 browser architecture
M 1/18 no class today -- MLK day
W 1/20 browser architecture
M 1/25 browser architecture
W 1/27 extensibility
M 2/01 storage
W 2/03 storage
M 2/08 no class today -- Steve is traveling
W 2/10 no class today -- Steve is traveling
M 2/15 no class today -- Presidents Day
W 2/17 distributed OSs
M 2/22 drivers
W 2/24 web programming
M 3/01 extensions and plugins
W 3/03 debugging
M 3/08 identity and authentication
W 3/10 forensics and audit

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